Promise Me by Harlan Coben

January 11, 2008 at 10:39 pm (Reviews)

This is the second Harlan Coben book that I have read and it features the sports agent plus detective Myron Boltair. If you remember one of my earlier posts I have raised the question that since Myron is  a sports agent will all the crimes he resolves revolve around sports. In this book, Myron has divereged in his work and he now represents writers and also actors. So quite a wide area to throw your net. Anyway, in this story Myron overhears two teenage girls(one his girlfriend’s daughter and another his friends daughter) talk about booze and driving. Unsure how to tell them that drunken driving could be dangerous he makes the girls promise that whatever may be the time, wherever they may be, if they are drunk they should call him so that he would drop them where they want with no quesitons asked. The girls promise him. This seems to be a rather tall promise but Myron keeps his promise when one of the teenagers call him. Then she goes missing. So what happened to her. Is she a runaway? Or something bad had befallen her? Has somebody kidnapped her? Myron investigates. There is a previous case of a missing girl. Are these incidences related? Quite a complex story. The end reminded me of a Ruth Rendell story I had read earlier. Interesting story where you cannot guess what comes next. 


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