The Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk

January 11, 2008 at 10:11 pm (Reviews) (, )

Have not seen the movie but heard about it especially the soap and the rules that no one ever talks of Fight Club. The story begins with the narrator saying that Mike Dryden is holding a gun to him and pointing to him that he has to die to become eternal. Quite profound. The narrator in bits and pieces tells us how he met Dryden and who is Marla and how fight club and thererafter Project Mayhem was set up. The narrators talks about this and about that and about this and again about that. It is written in simple language and though the story is told in bits and pieces it is very easy to understand. It is a small book and can be read in hours. Some of it is hilarious and some macabre and some doesn’t make any sense. Half-way through the book I was wondering why an author telling a story such as this is writing in such a way. What made him choose such a narrative? I know it is difficult to understand what I am saying but if you read it you would know what I am telling. But you do know that this particular kind of narrative is necessary for this story. The story I would say is mind blowing. By the way, who is the narrator? Would love to see the movie.



  1. film dude said,

    the narrator is edward norton (jack?)

    fight club says a lot about Americanism and the longing men in modern society feel for significance, for feeling really alive.

  2. srivallip said,

    I don’t think the narrator’s name is mentioned in the book. Not naming the narrator adds to his insignificance in comparison to Tyler.

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