Wicked woman Whodunit by Davidson, MaryJanice

January 11, 2008 at 10:20 pm (Reviews)

It is a collection of four short stories or is it a collection of novellas. All written by women which feature a central women character. That is quite raunchy. I would compare this stuff with the Rajesh Kumar and others who write pocket books in Tamil. The target for these books I am sure are definitely women who love a whodunit but also a romance. So why not mix them both. Where would you meet a man who is totally different from you but also the Knight you had been waiting? You have sensitive, handsome men who play the love interest of these women.  There is murder and crime and all these women think about is their new love interest. While the collection is not great it is definitely passable.


The first takes off as a spoof of Agatha Christie’s And there were None. Here we know who the killer is but the question is who is the victim? The second story is that the heroine takes a break  after a really bad week and meets the man who would blow her off the feet and then there is death. Who is the killer? The fast guys plays on every woman’s fantasy of celebrities. So how would you feel if all of a sudden you catch the interest of the celebrity you had been a fan of all your life. Of course there is a murder thrown in. The final one is quite contemporary based on  reality TV shows and what could go bad in a reality show. What happens when you throw a murder in?


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