Fish Tycoon

January 11, 2008 at 10:22 pm (Reviews) ()

It is a real time game. It means that fish grow, get hungry and even die when you are not playing or even when your system is off. So it means you are very very patient or you should do not bother to play this game. Basically you breed fishes and sell and finally find the seven magic fishes. While this sounds easy, it is not. You have to keep track of fish combinations. What you could do is even before you start the game you could download one of the charts from the Last day of work website and keep track of the fishes you have and what fishes you breed. You could also use one of the breeding charts and also the cheats that tell you what are the magic fish and how do you get them. I got the first two magic fish by accident or how it was meant to be found. After that I lost my patience downloaded a fish tycoon tool from a website and used it to see what are the magic fishes and how do you get them. I did not have some fish but was reluctant to buy any. So did lots of breeding to find them. I kept a chart of what I have and what I will get when I combine what and after how many stages I get the magic fish. I cheated a bit. Kept changing the time. After I found all the magic fish I should say I wasn’t happy. I wanted to find all the available fish combinations. I would have found around 125 species when I lost patience and deleted the game. It is a real time game. You can change the speed settings but have to feed your fishes everyday. An interesting and but sometimes frustrating game.


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