The Mousetrap by Agatha Christie

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I have been planning to see the play the Mousetrap running at the St.Martin’s Theatre in London for a long time. Mousetrap is the longest running play in the world, being staged from 1952, it celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2002. I am a die heard Agatha Christie fan and believe that nobody could write a whodunit like her. But reading a book is much different from seeing a play. I should confess that I had never seen a live play in a theatre before and was apprehensive whether we would get good seats and whether the voice would carry, whether I would understand the conversation if it is too fast. But I should say that I got very good seats paid a hefty sum for it but feel it is really worth it. Two stall tickets cost 90 pounds along with the booking charges. We booked the tickets at a booking counter near Leiscester Square on the day of the viewing which was a Saturday. We could have gone to the theatre directly to buy the tickets but were afraid that the theatre would be full. But in the theatre we saw many people buying tickets there directly and the cost was nearly 10 pounds less, that was 36 pounds for the best seats. The theatre is very old as you can surmise as it had been staging this play for the last 55 years or probably more. The seats I would say were tiny.

We got seats in the third row so we were happy about the seats. The beginning of the play removed all our apprehensions about the whether we would understand the accents. The actors were loud and clear. I thoroughly enjoyed the play. The play begins with the radio announcement of a murder in London. The setting is Monkwell Manor Guest House. Mollie and Giles Rasthalon has opened the guest house on the day. It is snowing outside all the guest arrive. Quite an eccentric bunch and the snow cuts them off from all civilization. Sergeant Trout arrives there to reveal there is a murderer among them. There are now eight people there in the guest house including the hosts and the police. And one of them dies. Who is the killer? As in all whodunits there is opportunity for all present but who has the motive? Well the first half was hilarious and the second half keeps you guessing. Well the murderer is ………yes it is somebody you would never guess. A wonderful play may even go to see it again. Don’t forget to eat an ice cream in the break it helps you to concentrate.


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